Turning 30: A Film

I turned the big, dirty 3-0 on August 24th and threw together a quick animation on the sweet, sweet feeling of such events. I hope we learn something, and don't get nightmares.

Many thanks to Nata Lee Portsmannx for being in the video, such an honor.

Wolverine @ Comic-Con

Wolverine hits up Comic-Con for the first time and immediately regrets his decision. 

Wolverine is without a doubt my favorite Marvel character, and after being stoked for The Wolverine to be released and my burning desire to make it to Comic-Con before I die (which I ended up going in 2014, which was insanely rad!),  I thought I'd mix the two for my latest animation. 

The Swell Endeavor

I made it to the Novice Round of the Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation (NATA) 2013!

Theme:  "Animate to the Mood of the Provided Music" - Adventure

This round we were given original songs, ranging from adventurous to melencholy, submitted to the Newgrounds Audio Portal and asked to build a cartoon around one or more of those. I chose the adventurous tune, and was so inspired by the audio and the general adventure theme that I hope to eventually continue with the story with either a sequel or turn it into a full blown series.

Inspired also by Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, Road to El Dorado, Game of Thrones, "The Reward" by The Animation Workshop, and any grand adventures.

Boss Boombox Dancin' Day

One fellow trys to initiate an odd (but super rad) holiday, but doesn't get the holiday cheer he was jonesing for at first

My submission for the Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation (NATA) 2013 - Round 1.

Theme: "A New Holiday"

The Mission

Entry for Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation (NATA) 2014 - First/Open Round. 

Theme: "The Most Important Mission Ever"

Outstanding Backgrounds by my mad skilled pal Keith Pakiz

Bored - Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs

With having never played Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs only heard about it and only given two weeks to complete it, I state this honestly when I say that it was an incredibly fun challenge working on it. This toon was actually my first real gig as an animator, and it drove me to make an appealing lampoon toon.

After listening to the audio provided by the Happy Hour team, I skimmed through some Lets Play vids as well as did extensive reading on the Amnesia series Wikipedia Page. I'm proud of the outcome, and was actually brought back to animate a second toon in November 2013 parodying the next-gen consoles, Xbox One & PS4, as well as the Zumba Fitness World Party game. Unfortunately that animation was removed from the Happy Hour channel, as well as this one being Unlisted, with no indication on the reasoning.

Herman & Brisket: Trash Talk

Brisket's appetite for trash comes back to haunt him and his pal Herman.

Contracted by Ross Bollinger to bring his characters to life, with some animated twists by myself.

Written and Voices by Ross Bollinger

Animation by Josh Belford

Glorious Backgrounds by Keith Pakiz

Music by Redrick Sultan

Bale Toons: Date Night

Old style on an old tune. Got this idea in 2000 of 12 after listening to ol' Bale's flipout again (and riding on the release of the new Bats movie).

Thinking it'd be funny to put him in different situations using various excerpts from the gold that is Bale's rant. I want to make a sequel that no one asked for.


Brett & The Couch

Quick and dirty (and dumb) cartoon! Sort of an inside joke with some pals, but thought I'd post it here anyway. One night at a party, my friend Brett (who seriously looks exactly like his cartoon counterpart) was going to sit down on a couch when he suddenly fell backwards and the whole couch flipped back.

It was glorious. No Bretts or couches were harmed.